My Recent Dives - March/April 2012
Posted by Michael on 01 March 2012 00:00
21 March 2012 - Bare Island Deep Wall
First dive in 4 weeks and first in saltwater for 5 weeks. Good to get back in the water after getting over the cold I caught in USA. A bit rough getting in but timing was the key. Went to wall and a lot cleaner (5-6 m) than it has been after all the rain of the past 4 weeks. Did the normal dive. Found one PPH, one dwarf firefish, an eastern blue devilfish near RIF Reef. The yellow White's sea horse is in same spot as it has been now since early 2011. A bit dirtier in shallows (3 m). Visibility poor to fair.

24 March 2012 - Whale Watching Platform
Club dive, Bypass Reef, but very windy out there. Came here instead. Amazingly clear water considering how close it is to Botany Bay. Saw a blue devilfish, a sea dragon and Kelly found a pygmy pipehorse. Very nice dive. Visibility good.

25 March 2012 - The Leap
A bit sloppy getting in and out but not too bad. Nice easy drift in with very good visibility (17 m). Refound the 3 White's sea horses and another one. Three sea dragons, a Verco's tamja and lots of purple dragons. An excellent dive. Visibility very good.

28 March 2012 - Pizza Reef
Club boat dive. A bit of slop, but not too bad. Not as good as the weekend in viz terms, but lots and lots of fish. Normal bastard trumpters, and huge numbers of silver sweep, one-spot pullers, yellowtail and seapike all over the reef. Pity the sun was not out as it would have been even better. A brilliant dive. Visibility fair.

29 March 2012 - Oak Park
Club night dive. Had to move from Shiprock as still not reopened, maybe tomorrow. Was low tide. Went out SE to sand edge and then out to second reef. Turned back here. Saw a few large squid, one huge wobbegong, some spiders and small cuttlefish but that is about it. Others saw a striped dumpling squid at the end. Visibility varied from poor to fair, not consistent. Visibility overall fair.

31 March 2012 - Wattamolla Point
Club boat dive, 3 boats. Very smooth seas but a long swell running. Very clean on bottom, but a bit milky on deco. Huge numbers of seapike, silver sweep, bastard trumpeters, one-spot pullers and more. A huge bullray swam past, some cuttlefish and some saw a sea horse. Probably the best dive here I have ever had. Visibility very good.

1 April 2012 - The Leap
Entered water about 60 minutes after low tide. Slight incoming current. Visibility in shallows was poor but good deeper. Kelly found a small pygmy pipehorse and we saw the 3 sea horses again. A nice, easy dive. Visibility good.

4 April 2012 - Middle Ground
Club boat dive. Saw a pod of dolphins on the way there. A long rolling swell, so decided to dive deeper. Even at 32m we were being pushed around. Viz was down on the weekend. Huge numbers of yellowtail, one very fat wobbegong, lots of leatherjackets. Nice dive. Visibility fair.

4 April 2012 - Shiprock
Club night dive. First dive here for over 6 months as the work on the walkway only finished yesterday. So easy to walk up and down! Current was running wrong way for first third of dive, then okay. Lots of fan-bellied leatherjackets, a few large squid, a tiny cuttlefish, a parrotfish in the shallows, 3 pineapplefish near N end and lots of decorator crabs. Good to be diving here again. Visibility poor.

12 April 2012 - Shiprock
Club night dive. Low tide as open ocean hugh seas. Very dirty. Saw a dwarf firefish, a pineapplefish (not one of the ones seen last week), lots of decorator crabs, normal fish. Not a great dive. Visibility very poor.

14 April 2012 - Barrens Hut/The Split
Club boat dive. Smooth seas but a reasonable swell and long period meant a bit surgy. Went along The Split and just outside I found a bright red pygmy pipehorse. I have never seen one this colour. Kelly then found another normal red coloured one. Went down to the cave and then back to anchor. Lots of bastard trumpeters, one-spot pullers, trevally, yellowtail and seapike. An excellent dive. Visibility very good.

15 April 2012 - Shark Point
Entered at the slot and went east to sand. Followed 22 me level, saw two blue devilfish, a wobbegong. Normal fish. Lost Jason and Rox who were leading, so headed west. Ended up back at the point. Exited here. Nice dive, but better done the way we normally do it. Visibility very good.

21 April 2012 - Shiprock
Too windy and large seas so boat dive cancelled. Eight members dived, we did normal route. Current was strange, swam into it all the way till we turned around. Saw 3 wobbies, 1 huge, 1 horned shark, 3 pineapplefish we saw before Easter, a frogfish, a large moray with no teeth, lots of big numbrays and large octopus and some small cuttlefish. Also a few opera house nudis. Nice easy dive. Visibility fair.

22 April 2012 - Shiprock
Again too rough to go anywhere else. Got there an hour before high and were at least 20 other divers already there. Decided to go in early as yesterday the current was running out even at start. Today, it went with us for about 20 minutes and then turned. Weird! Saw 3 pineapplefish again, no wobbies, more than a dozen opera house nudis, lots of large moray eels and numbrays, octopus, cuttlefish and more. Two frogfish and about 50 sand whiting. Nice dive again. Visibility fair. 

25 April 2012 - Bare Island Left
Club dive and BBQ. Dirty and cold on top. Over 50 attended. Went off back left and headed SE to sand. Kelly found a pygmy pipehorse here. Then S. Found a small boxfish, at least 10 big squid, lots of yellowtail. Went S till 20 mins and then back N. Back near where Kelly found the pipehorse I found a tiny one and then Kelly found another. One more boxfish seen. A bit further on I went off the reef and refound the large Admiralty anchor, has sunk into the sand a lot. Then continued N. Found a blue devilfish in the cave. I had found an anchor near where we turned around and had taken the chain. It was heavy and I used a lot of air carrying it. Saw a large flathead on the sand and then back to shore. Very nice dive, visibility a lot better than expected considering the rain of the last week. Visibility good.

28 April 2012 - Barrens Hut/The Split
Club boat dive, 5 boats. A bit of swell so we did not go to Marley Point. Could not find the pygmy pipehorses we found two weeks ago. Kelly found some small cowries on Gabo Island soft coral. Lots of red morwong and bastard trumpeters as well as a few large bream. Very nice dive, bluish water. Visibility very good.

29 April 2012 - Inscription Point
Went looking for the strange anglerfish others have seen but could not find. Kelly found a pygmy pipehorse. A large dead numbray, some tiny boxfish. Nice easy dive. Huge groups entering water as we exited. Visibility fair. 

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