My Recent Dives - November & December 2017
Posted by Michael on 01 November 2017 00:00
3 November 2017 - The Split 
First dive after sailing trip, two months since last dive. Mak Cat went good, but steering was frozen yesterday and took some work to free up. A bit of swell running but rolling. Anchored second go a S end of The Split. Les and I went N along Split and then outside to N a short distance. A large donut nembrotha here and just S another one and a sea dragon with eggs. Lots of large leatherjackets all over the place and a few PJs. Kelly dived with Cody who was doing his first boat dive with the club. Two other boats did SS Tuggerah and had a great dive. A really good dive to get back into Sydney diving. Visibility very good.

9 November 2017 - Middle Ground
Club boat dive. BIg rolling swell, some at least 3 metres. Anchored on NW corner, huge amount of fishlife, especially yellowtail. Went almost right around, cut W and E sides a bit due to sand floating there. A bit of surge, but much better than expected. A medium sized bullray, a six-spined leatherjacket, plenty of blue groper and morwong. A really good dive, Cody's deepest to date. Visibility very good.

11 November 2017 - Pizza Reef
Club boat dive. The swell had dropped a bit but still long rolling. A bit of surge on bottom, but okay. Anchored on S side, three donut nembrothas on flat rock here. Went around the reef, a medium wobbegong and cuttlefish on NE corner. About 20 bastard trumpeters outside cave, a large school of seapike to N of here. A really nice dive, the wave period was about 11 seconds rather than the predicted 15 seconds, so surge was manageable. A very good dive. Visibility good.

13 November 2017 - Barrens Hut
Went out on Phil's boat, a bit sloppier than recent trips and also not as clean and colder (17.9C). Anchored near Cave, went N to bastard trumpeters, then outside to S. Went out on sand a bit. Then to Tunnel and back to Cave. Ended up on shallower section to W under boat. Lots of trumpeters, red morwongs and also some blue morwongs. A couple of mirror leatherjackets and a medium sized cuttlefish. Down in holes between boulders about 1 to 1.5 degrees warmer. A good dive. Visibility good. 

18 November 2017 - Bare Island Deep Wall
First dive here for over 7 months. Cancelled boat dive due to strong NE winds. Five members attending. Went in off W point. Right on high tide, no current. Kelly found 2 pygmy pipe horses on deep wall and a big belly sea horse. A RIF on RIF Reef, another 2 at 12 m. Lots of nudibranchs, heaps of purple dragons and an orange/black spot one. A couple of horned sharks. A really good dive. Visibility good.

19 November 2017 - Henry Head
Club dive day at La Perouse, 3 boats and about 25 divers. Wind was suppsoed to be NE but was SE, got a bit sloppy. Anchored on W side, went S into slight current. Saw 4 sea dragons, Kelly found lots of colouorful sea spiders. Plenty of black reef leatherjackets. Very cold again like yesterday, but clear water. The sponge life here is better than ever. Great dive and day. Visibility good.

20 November 2017 - Bare Island Right
Went in from Carol's plaque. Two small orange anglerfish, one on Sea Tulip Rock, the other the other just past Sea Horse Rock. A PPH near the first one. Lots and lots of nudibranchs, many species, including some tamjas, flabellinas and more. Two RIF on way back as well. A huge bullray in 6 metres. Cold again, but a bit warmer than last few days (16.6C). Did 76 mins, lot warmer shallower than 10 m. Very good dive. Visibility good deep, poor shallow.

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