My Recent Dives - January, February and March 2022
Posted by Michael on 01 January 2022 00:00
1 January 2022 - Bare Island Isolated Reef 1
Millpond seas and high tide, in water 7:42 am. Below 12 m temperature dropped to 17.3C, other computer said 16C. Viz 10 to 12 m. Swam to start of IR1 and looked for the grey BI anglerfish. Found it, same one I looked for about 2 months ago. Then to N side of IR1 for a bit and slowly back. Four PPH, including red ones, could not find the small orange BIA, moved again. Two RIF, some whiting in shallows, lots of nudibranchs. Really nice dive. Visibility good.

4 January 2022 - Bare Island Isolated Reef 1
Could not dive two days ago as had crooks stomach, much better today. Others only went to grey anglerfish. Extremely high 2.1 m tide today and large swelled from ex-cyclone which came in while we were underwater. Lots of water all over the rock platform at the end, would have been worse later. The Monuments huge waves. Swam straight to start of IR1 (only two short stops to look for other anglers, see later). The grey BI anglerfish in same place as NY Day. Then we went along S side of IR1 looking for the two sea horses but no luck. Ron and Donna lost me here (Flocked me) but I did not loose them as I was behind around the reef and along first section of N side. Then they lost me! I went back to grey BIA and it had moved 2 m to main rock. Then back and refound Ron and Donna off First Cave. After a lot of looking the huge painted angerfish they found yesterday was spotted, what a fat pig. Then a few more PPH, some already see, another RIF, back via SHR where two upsidedown pipefish, the small orange painted anglerfish and back. A really good dive, but cold 17.3C. Visibility fair deep, rest poor.

7 January 2022 - Bare Island Isolated Reef 1
Dirty and warm on top, but very cold 16.4C on bottom. Viz deeper 10 m. Went straight to SHC, could not find the small orange painted anglerfish on the way down. Could not find the grey BIA from last dive. Then went around IR1 and also could not find the sea horses which I especially looked for. Back on the sand edge and outer rocks. Could not find the huge painted anglerfish either! The two red PPH were there, also two upsidedown pipefish under SHR. Some nudibranchs, lots of yellowtail at start of IR1. Finally found the small anglerfish hidden under a grey sponge. Good dive, but cold. Visibility fair.

8 January 2022 - Henry Head
Club boat dive, two boats, 9 divers, was supposed to be Shark Pt but NE wind forecast and huge seas past few days put paid to that. Here little wind and no swell. Incoming tide but even that was not strong. Less that a metre viz on top, but 10 m on bottom but very cold, one computer said 14C! Went S as normal. Saw one sea dragon with eggs, lots of nudibranchs, not much else as I forgot my torch. A few black reef leatherjackets. Back to anchor and others went up as they were cold. I stayed about 7 mins more. Saw another two sea dragons. A good but bloody cold dive. Visibility fair.

11 January 2022 - Pizza Reef
A bit sloppy as NE blew last night, little wind now and no swell. No current. Anchored on N middle section. Very dirty at about 10 m, then a little clearer but cold 15.7C. Some bastard trumpters between anchor and Cave. No donut nembrothas anywhere. Went right around reef and down the middle. Some black reef leatherjackets, a lot of one-spot pullers on W side. Not the greatest dive. Visibility poor.

13 January 2022 - Bare Island Isolated Reef 1
Rained over 55 mm last night. Overcast now. Went in off W point, very dirty at all depths, cold again on bottom, 17.1C. Went to 15 Metre Reef then to start of IR1 to look for grey BIA. No luck. Got lost here coming back to main reef, no idea how, ended up halfway along IR1. Had to use compass to find way back to off SHC. Then okay. No PPH at all, even the ones we have seen regulalry. One RIF, one spiny gurnard, two tiny yellow boxfish, one small cuttlefish, two large octopus, some nudibranchs. The small orange painted anglerfish is still there, about 40 mm long now. Not a great dive. Visibility very poor.

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