My Recent Dives - April, May and June 2022
Posted by Michael on 01 April 2022 00:00

The following dives are in South Australia.

10 April 2022 - Rapid Bay Jetty

Trip to South Australia to dive the Great White Sharks, so started here first. Only second real dive in 7 weeks due to the rotten weather in Sydney. Water 19.7C. Walked 320 m to end of the new jetty, then entered via the stairs and surface swam to old jetty. Then descended and went almost to the end ot the T section. no leafy or common sea dragons. No anglerfish. Saw a western blue devilfish, some short-tailed ceramatosa, some interesting starfish and small fish. A few red morwong type fish, a small school of seapike. Nice dive. Visibility fair.

11 April 2022 - Second Valley Jetty

Went in from stairs on jetty and surface swam most of the way to the point. Water 18.9C, some surge in spots. Then around point and to SW and S. No leafy sea dragons here. Saw some swimming anemones, seapike, leatherjackets. Also a large metre long fish I have never seen before. On the way back Rox found two leafy sea dragons in weed to W of the end of the jetty! Fantastic! Then back to jetty. Visibility fair.

11 April 2022 - Second Valley Jetty

Used rest of the air from tank, went ENE and then in a grid pattern back past jetty and back again and did again. We lost Rox and Jason early on, they ended up seeing a larger leafy sea dragon right near the stairs! Not a great deal seen. A bit warmer at 19.5C. Visibility fair.

12 April 2022 - Rapid Bay Jetty

Water cooler today, especially at 60 min mark when dropped to 17.9C. Viz also went from 10 to 12 m to 6 to 7 m at same time. Swam from stairs due north parallel to the old jetty till we hit it near the T. Then left to the end. Lost Rox and Jason here as we went to the W end of the T. On the way back found them. Then went to E a bit, saw a ceratasoma, then a southern blue devilfish, back to the main wharf and found Jason again. He took us to see a leafy sea dragon near left end of T, a big one. On the way back he found another. We saw another blue devilfish, then another leafy before the break in the jetty. Back to stairs. I was cold at the end. A fantastic dive, 94 mins. Visibility mostly good.

14 April 2022 - Tumby Bay Jetty

Went in off stairs, then across to N side. I zig-zagged along off4 jetty over weed. Lots of fallen pylons etc, two toilets, and more. Went right to the end and back. Viz was dirty then better but went bad as we turned. Only saw some ceratasoma, a few small crabs, a blue swimmer crab, some boxfish, a few small leatherjackets, some seapike. Only a reasonable dive. Visibility poor.

15 April 2022 - Hopkins Island Seals

Rodney Fox shark trip. First dive with Australian fur seals off small bay on north side of the island. Taken by tender into dive spot. Only 3-4 m deep max. Very sandy due to surge and divers. However, lots of juvenile males playing. Saw heaps and took lots of photos. Great dive. Visibility very poor.

15 April 2022 - North Neptune Island Great White Sharks

Bottom cage dive. 15 Metres, no great white sharks seen. Lots of trevally and leatherjackets, one eagle ray. Worthless dive. Visibility poor.

16 April 2022 - North Neptune Island Great White Sharks

Bottom cage dive. 18 Metres, no great white sharks seen. Lots of trevally and yellowtail kingfish. Worthless dive. Visibility good.

16 April 2022 - North Neptune Island Great White Sharks

Surface cage dive. 1.5 Metres, no great white sharks seen. Lots of trevally and large yellowtail kingfish. Worthless dive. Visibility fair.

16 April 2022 - North Neptune Island Great White Sharks

Bottom cage dive. 21 Metres, no great white sharks seen. Lots of trevally and large yellowtail kingfish. One very large bullray. Another worthless dive. Visibility good.

Next 3 dives in Nelson Bay/Port Stephens

30 April 2022 - Fly Point

Still very average in Sydney. Up here for Shelley and John's birthdays. Went NE from entry and then went W more and to 22.7m. First time this deep for ages, little current. Viz was 7-8 m for most of the dive, a bit dirtier once tide changed. Saw dozens of blind sharks and wobbegongs, a fiddler-ray, plenty of moray eels, at least 8 crayfish, one huge. Some red-lined flabbelina and the orange tipped nudibranch. One tiny yellow boxfish, one butterflyfish, plenty of seapike and bream, also a few large snapper just before getting hump head. A really great dive. Visibility fair.

1 May 2022 - The Pipeline

Walkway back open as well as the new one behind the cafe. Went to NE to sea horse hotels, only one there and another before it. Back to Pipeline at 10 to 11 m. A playtpus spindle cowrie, a tiger spindle cowrie and some others. Lots of small cuttlefish, two small moray eels, a butterflyfish, some blind sharks, decorator crabs, one small crab and more. A lot more sand here too, but conditions not too bad. Visibility fair.

2 May 2022 - Fly Point

My 4,500th dive! Another dive here, similar to Saturday. Went NE from sand then W. Return to SW end of main wall is SE. Very slight current again, new moon Saturday. Viz once again about 7-8 m. Saw a few wobbegongs, plenty of moray eels and a speckled moray eel. Only one crayfish out in deeper area but over 6 on wall. Four pineapplefish here too. Two fiddler-rays, lots of bream including some eating a conjevoi or similar. A tiny long-finned bannerfish, a butterflyfish, two yellow boxfish, lots of blind sharks and much more. Another really good dive. Visibility fair.

5 May 2022 - Bare Island Deep Wall

First dive in Sydney since 27 March and only second since 20 February due to the huge rainfall, dirty water and enormous seas. Went in off W point and SSW to the Deep Wall. Water was dirty for first three minutes (to 7 m) but then cleared up to 5 to 6 metres viz. Cold at 17.9C. Did the normal route back. Huge changes over the whole site. At least 300 mm of sand gone in most places exposing tyres, bottles and metal pieces. Almost 100% of kelp is gone as well as most of the weed on the reefs. Also a lot of damage to sponges and hydroids, totally missing. There are lots of dead sections on most sponges and silt everywhere. Looks like it did back in the late 1980s. Some nudibranchs seen as well as two frogfish, some cuttlefish and most of the normal fish species. However, no RIF, PPH, sea horses or sea dragons. A reasonable but sad dive. Visibility poor.

7 May 2022 - M & K Reef

First boat dive for over 7 weeks due to the weather, first real one since 20 Feb as the last one was aborted due to almost nil visibility. A rolling swell, westerly winds, reasonable current from the north and warm 22.0C water top to bottom. Current not on bottom. Viz was up to 15 m, could see the boat from 23 metres. no blue devilfish but second group saw one, they also saw a sea dragon. Some seapike, ladder-finned pomfret, a few nudibranchs. The kelp has been thinned out a bit by huge swells. A nice dive despite lack of usual things to see. Visibility good.

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