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    NSW Shipwrecks and GPS Marks


  • Shipwrecks in NSW waters
  • Most of these GPS Readings have been taken using AUS66 as the Map Datum. If you use any other datum (eg WGS84), then you need to modify the readings for use with your GPS by either using AUS66 or by subtracting 5.6" from the given latitudes and adding 4.2" to the given longitudes. See GPS Page for a more detailed explanation.
  • These marks and GPS Readings are based mostly on my own experience but some have been provided to me by others and not tested. Where the mark and GPS Reading is mine, I will note with a red "TESTED" under the name of the wreck.
  • The GPS Readings are generally degree-minute-second although a couple of readings that are not mine are degree-minute-100th of minute.
  • Note that on 1 May 2000 (US Time), the Selective Availability for GPS was switched off by the US Defence Department and the accuracy of readings increased dramatically. In my experience, accuracy is now of the order of 5 to 10 metres. Some examples of increased accuracy from GME Web Site and a timeline showing accuracy change on 1-2 May 2000.
  • For more information on GPS and an explanation of how it works, see my page on How GPS Works.
  • You can download a GPX file (GPS interchange file) of all my GPS co-ordinates by by clicking here.

    You should be able to import this into your GPS, chartplotter or PC based software. You will not need to correct the datum if you do this as it will automatically import correctly.

    Alphabetical index
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    Shipwreck Location Latitude Longitude Description of Marks Depth
    Depth of wreck top
    Date Wrecked
    SS Annie M. Miller
    Off Dover Heights 33ยบ 52' 06" 151ยบ 17' 52" Line the left hand side of the water tower (on ridge top) with the right side of southern block of units. The northern block should be almost, but not quite, touching the southern block.
    Run in until Hornby Light at South Head just disappears.
    46 metres
    41 metres
    8 February 1929
    Apollo Barge
    Off Long Reef 33ยบ 43' 40.6"S 151ยบ 20' 58.8"E Use GPS 47 metres
    41 metres
    TSS Belbowrie
    South Maroubra unknown unknown About 250 to 300 metres off beach. 5 to 7 metres 16 January 1939
    SS Bellubera
    Long Reef Wreck Site 33° 42' 48"S 151° 21'00"E Line the Bahai Temple over gap between 2 houses on sloping ridge below
    Run in till Bangally Head has ridge to north touching bottom of cliff
    48 metres 1 August 1980 scuttled
    SS Birchgrove Park
    Off Whale Beach, just south of Palm Beach 33ยบ 38' 24" 151ยบ 22' 39" On northern end of Whale Beach, have white house between right most pine trees, line house above centre of higher side of surf club.
    Have a very small gap between Barrenjoey Headland and Lion Island and water reservoir lined up with right of the island.
    51 metres
    46 metres
    2 August 1956
    SS Bombo
    Off Wollongong Harbour in channel to Port Kembla 34ยบ 26' 46.5" 150ยบ 55' 28.6" Line the right side of large water tank on ridge behind BHP with large black chimney on waterfront.
    Have Toothbrush Island and Gap Island overlapping, the tops aligned.
    32 metres
    25 metres
    22 February 1949
    SS Bonnie Dundee
    4.4 kms ESE of mouth of mouth of Lake Macquarie 33ยบ 06' 25.6" 151ยบ 42' 10.2" Unknown 35 metres
    32 metres
    10 March 1879
    SS Catterthun
    Off Seal Rocks 32ยบ 25' 57" 152ยบ 34' 38" Line the green grassed area in front of Seal Rocks shop with gap between mainland and rocks.
    Line left side of the third set of rocks to south of lighthouse with headland in distance.
    60 metres
    54 metres (less on boilers)
    8 August 1895
    SS Centennial
    Taylors Bay, Sydney Harbour 33ยบ 50' 58" 151ยบ 14' 56" Place lighthouse to west against Bradleys Head and tree between building in background lines up on top of this
    Look for the tall towers with black box on top - may be buoyed
    13 metres 23 August 1889
    In Sydney Harbour off Quarantine Head 33ยบ 49' 08.5" 151ยบ 16' 47.6" Place large tree at Mosman on ridge in front of Centrepoint Tower.
    Almost square on to block of units to north, place red roof of building behind and just showing to left.
    Place flag staff at Quarantine Station to left of large tree on ridge.
    18 metres
    16 metres
    16 January 1887
    SS City of Sydney
    Disaster Bay, west of Green Cape, Far South Coast 37ยบ 15' 28" 150ยบ 00' 40" Anchor about 50 metres off corner of sloping rock 15 to 21 metres 6 November 1862
    Long Reef Wreck Site 33ยบ 43' 11" 151ยบ 20' 53" Run in on Bahai Temple over second from right clump of pine trees on water's edge.
    Line left side of water tower on ridge with right side of units on water edge.
    48 metres
    38 metres
    scuttled August 1980
    SS Currajong
    Off Bradleys Head in Sydney Harbour 33ยบ 51' 24" 151ยบ 14' 52" Line up left of brown Supreme Court building with right side of Centrepoint Tower column.
    Place white light under very large tree on ridge towards the east.
    24 metres
    18 metres
    8 March 1910
    Dee Why
    Long Reef Wreck Site 33ยบ 43' 02" 151ยบ 20' 46" Run in on Bahai Temple over faint white house above ridge that runs down to water.
    Centre water tower with right side of large units behind right most of two blocks on water's edge.
    48 metres
    43 metres
    scuttled 25 May 1976
    SS Duckenfield
    North of Long Reef 33ยบ 43' 11" 151ยบ 19' 23" Run in on Bahai Temple centred over cream flats with white balconies.
    Place Centrepoint Tower between two bushes/trees on ridge.
    23 metres
    20 metres (less on engine/boiler)
    24 May 1889
    Below The Gap, South Head 33ยบ 50' 59.5" 151ยบ 17' 12.7" Under the Gap under 10 metres 20 August 1857
    SS Empire Gladstone
    South side of Haystack Point, Merimbula 36ยบ 57' 08.2" 149ยบ 56' 42.7" South side of point under 10 metres 5 September 1950
    Fifeshire Central Coast 33ยบ 27.577' 151ยบ 26.872' Unknown 21 metres Unknown
    SS Galava Off Terrigal on Central Coast S33ยบ 27' 38.7" E151ยบ 30' 44.5"
    Believed to be AUS66
    Place water tower over point at Terrrigal (with gap above on ridge).
    Run out till Barrenjoey Lighthouse appears. Run back in till it disappears.
    51 metres 9 February 1927
    SS Goolgwai Inside Yellow Rock, Long Bay unknown unknown Exact location not known 8 metres ? 29 May 1955
    TSS Hall Caine
    Off Bouddi National Park, Central Coast 33ยบ 32' 49" 151ยบ 25' 20" Line Barrenjoey Lighthouse above the whitish rock half way down northern side of headland. Line head to north with second patch of trees on horizon. 45 metres
    38 metres
    17 March 1937
    Henry Bolte
    Just south of Eden, past Ben Boyd Tower 37ยบ 06' 47" 149ยบ 57' 43" Normally has a mooring at site.
    Line two trees on ridge with flat face on rock to west.
    Run in till right side of Ben Boyd Tower is lined with left side of rock face
    25 metres
    18 metres
    about 1 August 1988 (scuttled)
    SS Hilda
    Below Cape Baily Light at Kurnell 34ยบ 02' 23" 151ยบ 13' 25" Have Cape Baily Light square on (cannot see sides) and just south of north black mark on cliff.
    Run in till three units at Cronulla are over rock platform.
    Anchor when reef jumps from 27 to 24 metres.
    21 to 27 metres
    Only a metre or two above reef
    20 July 1893
    Long Reef Wreck Site 33ยบ 43' 13" 151ยบ 21' 01" Run in on water tower centred on right side of northern (shorter) units on beach.
    Line Bahai Temple to left of grey roofed building and over last set of trees at end of beach.
    48 metres
    42 metres
    SS John Penn Broulee Island, Mossy Point, South of Batemans Bay 35ยบ 51' 08"
    150ยบ 11' 00"
    At west line left of gap in ridge with right of second house from left.
    Centre two small white posts over chimney of house above cliff.
    Unknown Unknown
    SS Kiama
    Central Coast 33ยบ 22.329' 151ยบ 32.844' Unknown 47 metres Unknown
    SS Kelloe
    Off St Michael's Golf Club, Little Bay 33ยบ 59' 11" 151ยบ 15' 55" Place left side of water reservoir above third column from right of St Michael's Golf Club house
    Run in till large light tower at Long Bay Gaol is centred in building with four chimneys and square building with lift well to north on skyline just behind cliff face.
    49 to 51 metres
    45 metres at boiler
    13 May 1902
    North West of Mowarry Point
    South of Eden
    37ยบ 08' 17" 149ยบ 59' 29" At the GPS location there is a long gully and a short gully. The wreckage is scattered in the long gully and part of the keel is on sand off the short gully. 5 to 21metres 24 November 1872
    SS Ly-ee-Moon
    Green Cape, Far South Coast 37ยบ 15' 55" 150ยบ 03' 01" Far end of gully between bombora in front of lighthouse and reef to west 5 to 12 metres 30 May 1886
    SS Macleay
    Off Port Stephens 32ยบ 42' 20" 152ยบ 14' 43" Line breaking reef at left of Little Island with pine tree to north of Yaccaba Head and Cabbage Tree Island just hidden.
    Line mountain behind Tomaree in centre of headland dip.
    Has had a mooring at times, perhaps just under water.
    43 metres
    Boiler 39 metres, wreck 41 metres
    11 October 1911
    MV Malabar
    Malabar, at entrance to Long Bay 33ยบ 58' 13" 151ยบ 15' 43" Line chimney to right of St Andrew's Church and Malabar RSL over edge of cliff face.
    Use depth sounder
    Wreck is to north and east
    7-11 metres
    Same depth
    2 April 1931
    Meggol ex HMAS Doomba
    Long Reef Wreck Site 33ยบ 43' 04" 151ยบ 20' 45" Run in on by lining up the right side of water tower against the right side of the units behind the northern-most units on beach.
    Line Bahai Temple over the second house which is to the right of pine trees on ridge.
    49 metres
    43 metres
    Note:if depth comes up to less than 40 m, then you are on Dee Why
    8 December 1976
    TSS Merimbula Whale Point, Currarong 35ยบ 00' 16" 150ยบ 49' 42" East side of far point 4 to 13 metres 28 March 1928
    SS Minmi Cape Banks at entrance to Botany Bay unknown unknown Parts of wreck inside small cove inside Cape Banks. Major part believed to be on outside of point. 7 metres inside 8 May 1937
    SS Myola
    Hard to find
    East-South-East of Long Reef 33ยบ 45' 46" 151ยบ 21' 44" Line Centrepoint over white rock on cliff top and over black vertical mark on cliff face.
    Line lift well of units to the right side of small dip in ridge to west.
    Line water tower over centre of North Head Sewerage Works.
    Line right side of red house to NW on sloping ridge with left side of lift well of large block units below.
    48 metres
    45 metres, boiler 44 metres
    2 April 1919
    SS New Guinea
    Disaster Bay, west of Green Cape, Far South Coast 37ยบ 15' 37" 150ยบ 02' 16" Run in on many pieces of wreckage, including an anchor.
    In a direct line from the lighthouse to the east and a prominent cave to the west.
    3 to 10 metres 13 February 1911
    No Frills Hopper Barge Long Reef 33ยบ 43' 19" 151ยบ 20' 57" Unknown 50 metres December 1979
    North Head Trawler
    Name not known
    Off North Head 33ยบ 49' 38" 151ยบ 18' 15" Place tower (?) at South Head between two Navy houses. unknown (30 metres??) Early August 1996
    SS Northern Firth Off Brush Island to south of Ulladulla 35ยบ 31' 34.7"S 150ยบ 24' 55.6"E (note that this is WGS84) Line dark house on western horizon over white house.
    Overlap right side of Brush Island (not platform) just with rock on mainland behind.
    Place left most shrub on top of island between two pieces of wreckage.
    20 metres 21 February 1932
    SS Oakland
    Off Port Stephens 32ยบ 40' 47" 152ยบ 13' 56" Line right side of Cabbage Tree Island with left side of dip in Yacaaba Head.
    Line small rocks to left of Cabbage Tree Island with top of ridge to right of Fingal Light.
    Line two trees to west just north of top of hill on horizon.
    Normally has a mooring.
    26 metres
    24 metres
    27 May 1903
    Olive Cam
    Just south of Mowarry Point, south of Eden 37ยบ 09' 02" 150ยบ 00' 24" Line up off three gullies. Wreck is in middle and southern gullies 3 to 9 metres 2 November 1954
    (also 1950 or 1955 mentioned)
    SS Royal Shepherd
    Off South Head
    Currently moored
    33ยบ 50' 14" 151ยบ 17' 12" Run in with chimney of house just hidden behind Hornby Light at South Head.
    Place cross-bar of mast in Navy station level with red brick house/hall.
    Church just visible to left of cliff-face.
    27 metres
    25 metres
    14 July 1890
    SS Satara
    South of Seal Rocks 32ยบ 28' 50" 152ยบ 31' 11" unknown 43 metres 20 April 1910
    Sutherland Caisson
    a large pontoon
    To south of Long Reef Wreck Site unknown unknown Line water tower between the two units on water's edge.
    Place Bahai Temple over red house (with two houses to right) to north-west.
    48 metres (?) unknown
    Tasman Hauler
    South of Ben Boyd Tower, south of Eden 37ยบ 06' 39" 149ยบ 57' 45" Mooring located on site.
    Run in on bunch of trees on horizon over lighter vertical marks on rock face to west.
    Place white rock at Eden township over very edge of rock platform to right of Ben Boyd Tower.
    29 metres
    20-23 metres
    1 October 1988 (scuttled)
    SS Tekapo South Maroubra unknown unknown Approximately 300 to 400 metres from beach, just off rock platform. 5 to 10 metres 16 May 1899
    The Trio
    May not be correct name
    Off Mona Vale Beach 33ยบ 41' 01" 151ยบ 21' 54" Run in on Bahai Temple, left side against right side of higher part of Mona Vale Hospital.
    Barrenjoey Head just showing behind Bangelly Head.
    52 metres
    46 metres
    SS Tuggerah
    Off Wattamolla, Royal National Park 34ยบ 08' 19.9" 151ยบ 09' 01.7" Place the road leading down to Wattamolla Lagoon just off the northern headland of the lagoon.
    Place the left-most of the four buildings at Bondi Junction just off Marley Head.
    48 metres
    44 metres bow, 39 metres stern
    16 May 1919
    SS Undola
    Off Garie Beach, Royal National Park 34ยบ 10' 49.7" 151ยบ 05' 34.2" Run in with Cape Baily Lighthouse (you will not see lighthouse due to distance but it is the first small hill) in line with end of black rocks on sea level at Marley Head.
    Line up left side of top green house (at far right) with left side of house below. These are located at Little Era, first beach south of Garie Beach.
    Note: the green house used to be red.
    45 metres
    43 metres most, 41 metres boiler/stern
    20 December 1918
    Off Barrenjoey Head at mouth of Broken Bay 33ยบ 34' 48" 151ยบ 20' 40" Line platform at right side of Lion Island with left side of white house.
    Line 2 storey white house to SW with house on horizon.
    Normally has mooring.
    27 metres
    22 metres
    TSS Wandra
    Between Jervis Bay and Currarong 35ยบ 02' 49" 150ยบ 50' 18" Run in with right-most drumstick of Drum and Drumsticks with highest part of rock face behind.
    Anchor when reef comes up.
    26 metres
    23 metres on boiler
    15 December 1915
    SS Wauchope Off Port Stephens unknown unknown Line aerial on top of hill with footpath on beach (3rd from south of Tomaree Head).
    Have right side of Broughton Island touching Boondelbah Island.
    unknown unknown
    Gunnamatta Bay, Cronulla 34ยบ 03' 34" 151ยบ 08' 45" Line left side of pink block of units to north over centre of white building on water's edge.
    Place light pole on left of pool with vertical mark near right side of tall units.
    7 metres
    5 metres
    SS Woniora
    Off Botany Bay 34ยบ 01' 23.1" 151ยบ 15' 32.0" Place right side of Bare Island just behind Henry Head.
    Place building to right of Centrepoint behind left-most of three trees on horizon.
    Place radio tower to north over black mark.
    Line left of two pipes to SW with right-most black vertical mark on rock face.
    62 metres
    60 metres
    28 October 1882

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